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About AtlasVPN

Established in 2019, Atlas VPN is a cutting-edge freemium VPN service aiming to democratize secure and open internet access for everyone. Joining forces with Nord Security in 2021, a leading provider of digital security solutions, Atlas VPN continues to grow, having gained the trust of over 6 million users worldwide in a relatively short time.

Our Mission

At Atlas VPN, our primary objective is to make digital privacy and security accessible to every individual, regardless of their financial constraints or technical expertise. Whether opting for our free trial or premium services with additional features, we're here to fully support your journey to online privacy.

Dedication to Excellence

The online landscape can be daunting with invasive tracking and restrictions. Atlas VPN acts as your barrier against surveillance, censorship, and internet limitations, ensuring a safer online experience for all users.

Seamless Invincibility

Your privacy and security matter to us, which is why Atlas VPN employs top-tier encryption methods like AES-256 and ChaCha20-Poly1305, coupled with IPSec/IKEv2 and WireGuard® protocols, to safeguard your data transmission.

Verified App Security

We're dedicated to providing reliable services. Our iOS app has undergone rigorous security testing by VerSprite, affirming its complete safety for user use. With positive feedback from reputable sources like VPNpro and TechRadar, Atlas VPN continues to earn recognition for its quality service.

No Personal Data Logging

We prioritize your privacy by adhering to a strict no-logs policy. We only retain the essential information required for service provision, such as payment details, ensuring that no activity logs are stored. Your online activities remain confidential and inaccessible to us.

Everlasting Improvements

Driven by innovation, our team constantly strives to enhance Atlas VPN. We're committed to introducing new and superior features that cater to evolving security needs.

  • SafeSwap: Access the internet using multiple IP addresses simultaneously through our SafeSwap servers, amplifying your online anonymity.
  • Shield: Protect yourself from hazardous websites, such as malware and phishing sites, which may compromise your browsing experience.
  • Data Breach Monitor: Our advanced detection systems vigilantly monitor the internet, checking for any instances where your personal information might have been exposed.

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January 3, 2024

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