How to use the sort tool at Amazon?

So, this time around we’re talking about the button / drop-down menu you have in the upper right of all views that include products. We’re talking about the button that looks like what we have below, showing you the button and the drop-down list of options. As usual we’ll go through the different options and how you can use the sorting tool to do what you want it to do!

sort tool amazon

How to use the sort tool at Amazon:

  • Featured
  • Price: Low to High
  • Price: High to Low
  • Avg. Customer Review
  • Newest Arrivals
  • Combining the filters and the sort tool



The default option selected is Featured, and that option is probably the one you’ll most seldom want to use together with price: high to low. Well, how do Featured work then? To start with Featured is going to showcase mainly articles that are at least fulfilled by Amazon as that means they are making more money on it. I do think there’s also a higher rate of items sold by Amazon sorting this way. You can use this sorting to check out what is popular, and for when searching for a specific item that you might even know the ASIN then sorting like this will give you the most hassle-free option. As shopping from marketplace sellers can be quite time consuming if you have any trouble.
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Price: Low to High

This sorting option is one of the ways we daily sort to out the information we want. And this is a very good way to find the best option for you meaning the cheapest if you’re doing broader searches, but it can work on specific searches too. Even though we use this mainly on broad searches. We’d recommend using this sorting option together with the fulfilled by amazon options in the filter / sidebar (link). This sorting option of course sort the items from the cheapest to the most expensive if that wasn’t clear.


Price: High to Low

Suitable to use when you get to much crap in your view from your search or the department you’re looking into. Sorts the results from most expensive to the cheapest. Very usable if you’re doing a broad search sometimes, for example searching for iPhone will give you thousands of results. But if you’re only looking for the actual phones this might be the best option, if you don’t want to use the sidebar / filters as they work together with the sorting tool!

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Avg. Customer Review

Great sorting feature to use when you have made a good selection / search with items that are very similar and maybe even similarly priced. But you want to view those items with best overall customer reviews this sort the items by highest average customer reviews. Looking for a toaster and want to check out those that are most popular and best reviewed use this sorting option. This sorting option also take into the account the number of reviews, so it’s not 100 % linear but close to it. It’s a good thing though so you don’t need to see all the items with maybe just one five-star review!


Newest Arrivals

If you’re watching a special search or section and wants to see anything new coming up this is the sorting option to use. And this is also a sorting option we use daily here at amzndealssweden. Just sorting your selection by date added on an item level for your selection.

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Combining the filters and the sort tool

The strongest way to view items / searches / departments on Amazon is by using both the filters and the sorting options as they work together. Doing research and looking for the most expensive iPhone? Search for iPhone and sort by Price: High to Low and check fulfilled by amazon in the filters to see the result! Want to see if it’s more expensive or cheaper to buy from a seller that is not fulfilled by amazon untick that box in the filters and see the difference. Your imagination is the limit on how you can combine these two powerful tools when browsing Amazon.

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