Maximize Your Amazon Shopping Experience: A Guide to “How to Amazon”

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How to Buy / Shop on Amazon

Well like in any store you first need to find an item that you want to add to your shopping cart and then check out. We’ll cover all the steps you need to know for shopping on Amazon in general, but also specifics to shopping at

How to use the sort tool at Amazon

So, this time around we’re talking about the button / drop-down menu you have in the upper right of all views that include products. We’re talking about the button that looks like what we have below, showing you the button and the drop-down list of options.

How to use Amazon Prime

Now let’s talk Amazon Prime, this text below is written for Amazon Prime Sweden, it might be applicable to Amazon Prime in other locations to, but the exact offers might differ a bit. The price is 59 SEK per month or 549 SEK per year.

prime video
amazon sidebar and filters

How to use the sidebar and its filters at Amazon

At any given site / view on Amazon you will have a sidebar on the left-hand side on your computer. On mobile it looks a whole lot different, and it’s strongly recommended to browse amazon on your web browser in your mobile,

How to win and lose on Amazon

Now we’re going to talk about what you shouldn’t do and what you should do on Amazon. We’ll go through things on how to get free freight on your items and not paying more than you need in general. To win on Amazon we need to have somethings in mind when we shop / browse Amazon. 

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Amazon Prime Days Deal Alert!

The deals are coming in at midnight sharp! We have gotten information on all deals that will be available, make sure to bookmark and visit our dedicated amazon prime day deals page as the clock hits midnight and our curated best of the best deals list will be revealed!