How to use Amazon Prime

Now let’s talk Amazon Prime, this text below is written for Amazon Prime Sweden, it might be applicable to Amazon Prime in other locations to, but the exact offers might differ a bit. The price is 59 SEK per month or 549 SEK per year.

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The perks of Amazon Prime are as below:

  • Free shipping on items fulfilled by Amazon no matter the order price
  • Prime Shipping (free home delivery!)
  • Access to Prime Video
  • Access to Prime Gaming
  • Early access to selected lightning deals


How to register for Amazon Prime

If you don’t have an account follow our guide on how to create an account on Amazon, as this is needed to sign up for Amazon Prime. Then you need to click here or watch for the prime button on and sign into your Amazon account if you haven’t already done so.

prime plan

After clicking on the link or finding the button on the webpage you will be taken to a website where you chose whether you want to pay yearly or monthly. We recommend paying yearly as that will be cheaper and a better option if you know you want to sign up. If you are more on the fence try month to month billing, but no matter what option you go with you get a free one-month trial so go ahead and get it!

By pressing the button Try Prime Free – Pay Later you have signed up for Amazon Prime and now have access to all the perks of Amazon Prime.

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Access Prime Video

You can access Prime Video through any device you want, on your computer or on your phone. Through the app or web browser. iOS or android, what you need to be is signed into your amazon account. If you for whatever reason chose to just subscribe to Prime Video you will use that account (and pay a slightly higher price than Amazon Prime membership!). Another great feature with Prime video is that it allows up to three devices at the same time! Also, a feature in higher priced memberships at competing streaming services.

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Conclusion is Amazon Prime right for you?

The short answer is yes, free shipping and prime shipping is a huge selling point if you’re a frequent shopper on Amazon. If you’re not that then Prime Video will be one of the cheapest streaming services out there, and it includes 4k video HDR and all the goodies that cost extra on Netflix for example.

Sure, it’s not as content rich as Netflix, but it has some stellar exclusive content too! Like Grand Tour, Fleabag, The Expanse, Good Omen, The Boys and much more for TV and the story is the same for Movies even though the quality of the exclusives for movies are thinner. Now if you’re not sold yet you can add gaming (link) to the mix to!

Another feature to the Amazon Prime concept where you get instant value too for example one free channel subscription at twitch worth around 50 SEK per month, so signing up for a yearly plan of Amazon Prime and your already making money without touching the free freight or the streaming service! And on top of that you get free games and loot each month!

So sign-up right now is our recommendation! Press here to join Amazon Prime or directly on Amazon and Amazon Prime to start your Amazon Prime today!


Access Prime Gaming

To access Prime Gaming press this link or search Prime Gaming on the web. Then you’ll need to sign-in and be able to access all that is on offer at Prime Gaming. For access to the twitch perk you need to link your Amazon Prime Gaming account with your twitch account.

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Amazon Prime Days Deal Alert!

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