How to win and lose on Amazon

Now we’re going to talk about what you shouldn’t do and what you should do on Amazon. We’ll go through things on how to get free freight on your items and not paying more than you need in general.

how to win lose amazon

How to use the sidebar and its filters at amzon:

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  • Departments
  • Featured Brands
  • Price
  • Delivery option & Fulfilled by Amazon
  • Color
  • Avg. Customer Review
  • Seller
  • Availability


How to win on Amazon(.se)

To win on Amazon we need to have somethings in mind when we shop / browse Amazon. One thing for example is how to use the tools that Amazon supplies us with best, if you want to read more on how those tools work press the links below.

We also need to take into consideration how Amazons business model is made up, they make money on pretty much everything. So, to make smart decisions on Amazon we need to check the different sites when we browse Amazon. When you have found an article your interested in buying you should always check what the price are in the other Amazons, for example shopping on we always check the price for the same item at (if that don’t work .nl / But there is help to get to not do that manually, you have different tools / websites that can check the prices for you. Or web extensions, see our article about third party tools to help you shop smart by clicking on the link below.

Third-Party tools

Freight is a whole subject on Amazon but we’ll keep it all here and in the how to loose text further down. Winning on Amazon involves not paying freight for anything, to do that the first step to secure that you don’t risk on doing that is to use the filter and set it to fulfilled by Amazon. As that will set the result to only show items that are fulfilled by Amazon, if it’s fulfilled by Amazon the freight is free if you have Amazon Prime no matter the price (press here to read more about Amazon Prime).

Amazon Prime is also a great way to win on Amazon if you’re a frequent buyer on Amazon as the added value for that point alone is massive and you get a lot of other extra stuff with the membership! If you do not have Amazon Prime you need to shop for more than 229 SEK to not pay any freight. And remember the rules are also different for the freight depending on which Amazon you’re at (.se/.de/.nl/ and so on) and to make it more complicated it’s also dependent on where you’re shopping from. So for example shopping from and delivery to Sweden is always 5.99€ while it’s free at a threshold for shoppers in Germany.

Take advantage of the problems that exist regarding pricing trying to have multiple prices in the same system all aligned. Amazon have a hard time with as has its sellers sometimes. And that is why you need to stay here on the site and watch out for the best deals available on Stay bookmarked enable our push / mail notifications for your best chance to win on!

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How to lose on Amazon(.se)

To lose on Amazon well really you need to do he opposite of what we just wrote and what you hopefully just read. So, don’t use the tools that Amazon have available to you to shop smart, don’t look at the third-party tools that lets you shop even smarter. Make sure you shop a little each time and don’t have Amazon Prime so you pay freight each time and pick up now and then items that are not fulfilled by amazon. Looking like it’s super cheap but, it’s just wrong expensive and not how you want to use Amazon. See a couple examples of this below:

And finally, any shopping of an item as above (the ottoman total price is fine for example) when you have any issues you need to pay for the freight back to the seller. Shopping items fulfilled by Amazon you will always have free returns within the return period and also have access to Amazons world class customer service!

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