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288 SEK instead of 1115 SEK

Hsthe Sea offers a high-performance KVM switch for seamless multi-computer control. This innovative device enables users to effortlessly manage multiple computers from a single workstation. With advanced features and reliable performance, Hsthe Sea KVM switch enhances productivity and efficiency in various environments.

127 SEK instead of 315 SEK

These Living Puppets are a delightful addition to any playtime, with the W747 Hand Play Animal offering interactive fun. Measuring 53cm, this creation by Karl-H. Chederwelsch is designed for engaging storytelling and imaginative role-play scenarios. Perfect for children and adults alike, the hand puppet features high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Transform storytime into a captivating adventure with this charming Living Puppet that sparks creativity and fosters communication skills. Explore the enchanting world of puppetry with these unique and engaging characters.

73 SEK instead of 168 SEK

Introducing the Mego Evil Witch collectible figure from Lansay, inspired by the iconic character from Wizard of Oz. This detailed figure is suitable for ages 8 years and up.

82 SEK instead of 192 SEK

Luckies of London offers a unique world map that stands out due to its intricate design. The rope map features high-quality craftsmanship and a stunning rose gold single rose gold edition. Perfect for those who appreciate attention to detail and sophisticated decor.

288 SEK instead of 1115 SEK

Sea TIG tungsten electrodes are high-quality rods designed for welding applications, featuring a 2% lanthanum composition with a blue WL20 coating. Each pack contains 10 pieces of 1.6mm x 150mm rods, perfect for TIG welding projects. These electrodes offer superior performance and durability, ensuring clean and precise welds.

28 SEK instead of 77 SEK

Looking for quality stainless steel screws? Explore a range of Torx screws, including M3 x 18mm self-tapping screws with various head types like round, flat, and pan. Find reliable self-drilling screws for your projects, from automotive to DIY applications.

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