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High-Waist Simshorts for Women

25 SEK instead of 250 SEK

These quick-dry simshorts are versatile for both swimming and yoga.

travSIM Europe SIM Card

30 SEK instead of 300 SEK

Discover the travSIM Europe SIM Card offering 10GB of mobile data at 4G/5G speeds with free roaming in the UK, Switzerland, and over 30 EU countries. Stay connected seamlessly during your travels with a plan valid for 30 days.

Grey Mosaic Peel and Stick Furniture Decor Paper 60 x 500 cm Waterproof Wallpaper

34 SEK instead of 349 SEK

Fantasnight offers a versatile and stylish solution for decorating your home with their grey mosaic self-adhesive paper. Measuring 60 x 500 cm, this waterproof wallpaper is ideal for adding a touch of sophistication to your furniture, bathroom, or kitchen. The 2D design creates a visually appealing aesthetic that is sure to enhance the ambiance of any room.

Katsuobushi Chips and Dashi Broth Description

12 SEK instead of 134 SEK

Katsuobushi Bonito Chips and Dashi Japanese Broth form the perfect combination for an authentic Japanese culinary experience. The 40g pack contains Katsuobushi chips made in Japan, ensuring high quality and traditional flavor. Dashi is a versatile soup stock that serves as the foundation for many Japanese dishes, imparting a savory and umami-rich taste.

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