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159 SEK instead of 1699 SEK

Bring nature into your space with the Self-Adhesive Iceland Moss Kit. Create a stunning moss wall with the easy-to-use DIY kit. Each kit contains high-quality Iceland moss in a 50 x 50 cm size, ready to be placed on any wall for a natural touch. Add a calming and earthy element to your home or office with this innovative moss wall kit.

13 SEK instead of 149 SEK

This efficient 12V 5A 60W LED Strip Light is ideal for various applications such as illuminating your living space, enhancing your ambiance, or accentuating specific areas. With its energy-efficient design, it provides consistent and bright illumination suitable for a range of settings.

50 SEK instead of 580 SEK

Unleash your creativity with the Boku-Undo E-Sumi Watercolor Set, featuring 6 colors in a convenient 3-pack (total of 18 colors). Included as a bonus are unique Wafuu stickers to enhance your artistic projects. This set is perfect for both beginners and experienced artists.

11 SEK instead of 100 SEK

The AYNKH 5-piece cup accessory set includes reusable silicone straw stoppers, a bottom cover, and dustproof plugs for 9-10mm straws. Ideal for ensuring hygiene and protecting your drinkware, this kit is a convenient addition to your Stanley Cup. Travel-friendly and easy to clean, these accessories enhance your drinking experience.

384 SEK instead of 1115 SEK

Ready for any fishing adventure, this telescopic fishing rod and reel combo set includes a range of accessories for saltwater and freshwater fishing. The set features a durable carry case, fishing line, and lure set for a complete and convenient fishing experience.

48 SEK instead of 158 SEK

Flexi Hose offers an upgraded expandable garden hose with extra strength and non-choking features. The 8-function spray nozzle and solid brass fittings enhance its flexibility and durability, making it the ultimate choice for your watering needs. The 75-foot length provides ample reach for various outdoor tasks.

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