Oral Essentials Lumineux Toothpaste

161 SEK instead of 334 SEK

Oral Essentials presents Lumineux Toothpaste, a certified toxin-free option gentle on sensitive teeth. Formulated by dentists, it is fluoride-free and free from artificial colors and flavors, ensuring a natural approach to oral care.

Lumineux Toothpaste by Oral Essentials is a premium choice for those seeking a holistic dental solution. This toothpaste has been formulated with sensitivity in mind, perfect for individuals with delicate oral health needs. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals with this dentist-curated product.

Certified toxin-free, Lumineux Toothpaste ensures a safe and effective alternative for daily oral hygiene. Its fluoride-free formula distinguishes it from traditional toothpaste options, catering to those seeking a natural approach to dental care. Enjoy peace of mind with this dentist-recommended solution.

Featuring no artificial colors or flavors, Lumineux Toothpaste from Oral Essentials stands out for its commitment to providing a pure and clean oral care experience. Avoid abrasive ingredients and opt for this gentle yet powerful toothpaste that offers a toxin-free solution for daily teeth cleaning.

Choose Lumineux Toothpaste by Oral Essentials for a holistic approach to oral care that is both effective and gentle. With a unique formula designed by dentists, this toothpaste maintains a toxin-free profile, free from synthetic colors and flavors. Embrace healthier dental habits with this fluoride-free option.

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