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About Diabetic Designed

Diabetic Designed is the brainchild of Marie Fahlin, a dedicated advocate for simplifying and brightening the lives of those living with diabetes. Her personal experience with type 1 diabetes since 1986 led her to establish Diabetic Designed, a comprehensive online store catering to individuals managing diabetes. Committed to offering essential products for diabetes care, Diabetic Designed's inventory encompasses a diverse range, including diabetes bags, journals, glucose supplies, cooling cases, and Extend nutrition products.

The development of Diabetic Designed's specialized diabetes pen bags is the culmination of over two decades of painstaking product refinement, resulting in meticulously crafted, pattern-protected bags. The innovative Diabetes Journals, initially created for Fahlin's daughter, remain a testament to the brand's commitment to providing comprehensive diabetes support.

With a strong emphasis on accessibility, Diabetic Designed's online platform ensures that individuals across Sweden have access to essential diabetes resources. Despite the physical dispersal of the diabetic community, Diabetic Designed's mission is to bridge the gap and foster a sense of unity and support among its customers. Understanding the lifelong impact of diabetes, the brand strives to instill a positive outlook by organizing community-focused events, such as the annual Diabetes Parties and Galas. These gatherings not only celebrate the resilience of those living with diabetes but also serve as fundraising initiatives for the Barndiabetesfonden (Children's Diabetes Foundation).

Embodying the ethos "Diabetic Designed - Simplifying and Brightening Diabetes," the brand's logo, a jubilant smiley combined with the diabetes ring and a stylized 'D,' exudes a vibrant energy. The choice of yellow symbolizes hope and inspiration, while the addition of blue represents the diabetes awareness color. This dynamic blend underscores the brand's commitment to infusing positivity into the lives of those managing diabetes.

Marie Fahlin, the founder of Diabetic Designed, leads by example, embracing a fulfilling and adventurous life despite her diabetes diagnosis. Her journey through education, successful career paths, and the joy of parenthood stands as a testament to her resilience and determination. With a profound understanding of the complexities surrounding diabetes, Fahlin's enduring commitment to enhancing the lives of those managing the condition remains at the heart of Diabetic Designed's ongoing endeavors.

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January 2, 2024

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