The Power of HQS-2835-6W-24V LED Tape: A Professional Illumination Solution

144 SEK instead of 767 SEK

Discover the incredible illumination capabilities of the HQS-2835-6W-24V LED Tape, a premium lighting solution designed for professional applications. With a detailed design and outstanding performance, this LED tape is the perfect choice for enhancing the ambiance of various spaces with ease.

Featuring a total of 60 high-quality neutral white (NW) LEDs per meter, the HQS-2835-6W-24V LED Tape offers a stunning and uniform lighting output. Whether you prefer a cool white, warm white, or neutral white glow, this LED tape provides versatile options that suit different environments and moods.

Equipped with an IP33 rating, the LED tape ensures reliable performance and protection against dust and moisture. This makes it ideal for indoor use in areas such as display cabinets, signage, accent lighting, and architectural applications.

One of the remarkable features of the HQS-2835-6W-24V LED Tape is its cuttable design. You can easily trim the tape every 5 cm to fit the desired length or shape, making it highly adaptable to various installations and creative lighting designs.

Not only does this LED tape deliver exceptional illumination, but it also boasts energy efficiency. With a power rating of 6W per meter, it consumes minimal electricity while providing ample brightness.

Choose the HQS-2835-6W-24V LED Tape for your professional lighting needs and experience the perfect combination of quality, versatility, and efficiency. Illuminate your space with confidence, knowing that you have a reliable and high-performance lighting solution at your disposal.

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