The Best GPS Collars for Dogs in 2022

The GPS microchip for dogs is a Global Positioning System (GPS) that will allow you to know the location of your dog with high precision. If for some reason your dog runs away and gets lost, with these systems you can easily find him since the device tracks him in real-time.

There are two types of locators: those that have a data SIM card, which requires the download of an application and needs the signal from your mobile phone, and those that do not need a SIM card and are powered by a radio signal. The latter has much less coverage.

How does a Dog chip tracker collar work?

The Dog chip tracker is placed on the dog’s collar and has a built-in signal receiver chip from various satellites. This helps the device to send and transmit real-time data of your dog’s location to your device.

The receiver is powered by batteries, collects data from several satellites and uses it to calculate the coordinates that indicate the position of your dog with a very small margin of error. This receiver continuously transmits the dog’s location to an embedded system or mobile device, updating the information every 2 to 5 seconds. In this way, you will know the physical location of your dog practically in real-time, as well as the direction it is taking.

How to choose a good GPS Microchip tracker collar for dogs?

  •             Dog chip trackers are attached to or integrated into your dog’s collar and will help you quickly find your dog in the event of a lost dog.
  •             Choose a device that is sturdy and secure, if it slips off the collar or falls and breaks, it won’t help you much.
  •             The battery must last a long time so that you have enough time to locate your dog.
  •             Many Microchip tracker also include monitoring of your dog’s physical activity levels, as well as various vital signs and temperature. This is very useful for sick and elderly dogs.
  •             Some GPS microchip for dogs also have a two-way audio system that will allow you to hear if your dog is barking or crying and talk to him from a distance.
  •             The georeferencing or geofencing function will allow you to manage the limits to which your pet can reach, that is, create invisible virtual fences for dogs. When your dog approaches these limits, the system will send you text or email alerts.
  •             There are also Microchip tracker collars for hunting dogs that are usually waterproof and include topographical maps on the handheld device.

Do dog microchips have GPS?

Dog microchips do not have GPS. Microchips are implanted under the dog’s skin and contain contact information that veterinarians, police or shelters can access by consulting the necessary databases, but they are not tracking devices.

When is it better to use GPS chip for dogs?

For greater peace of mind for the owners and the safety of the dogs, it would be much better to use the GPS chip for dogs at all times. However, there are some specific situations where the use of a tracking device can be of great help:

  •             The first time you go for a walk without a leash.
  •             Walking your dog, especially at nights.
  •             During the Christmas and New Year holidays, when there are fireworks and firecrackers continuously.
  •             When you take your dog to the snow.
  •             When you go hiking.

The Best GPS Collars for Dogs

Eureka Technology Marco Polo Advanced Pet Monitoring, Tracking and Locating System

Eureka Technology Marco Polo Advanced Pet Monitoring, Tracking and Locating System
Eureka Technology Marco Polo Advanced Pet Monitoring, Tracking and Locating System

Buy here: Eureka Technology Marco Polo Advanced Pet Monitoring, Tracking and Locating System

  • Advanced monitoring and tracking system for dogs and cats that do not require GPS or a cellular network. Marco Polo acts as a 
  • radar system, scanning the surrounding area.
  • Does not require monthly service contracts. 
  • It is very rugged and can be configured to track up to three animals. Additional tracking tags are sold separately and are waterproof. 
  • Plus, they’re light enough for cats or small breed dogs.
  • The collar’s rechargeable battery lasts up to 6 weeks. 
  • By not requiring access to the Internet or a mobile phone, you can use it in the most remote places, easily keeping track of them in case they go missing.
  • The Advanced Tracking Tag is designed to withstand 
  • rough terrain and prolonged swimming. It has a range of up to 3.2 km in open conditions, although it can vary depending on terrain and obstacles.
  • If your dog is out of range of the system, you can scan the terrain while driving or walking, until you locate it again, even if the dog is injured or hidden.
  • It has a warning system and four ranges of security zones.

Invoxia Pet Tracker

Invoxia Pet Tracker
Invoxia Pet Tracker

Buy here: Invoxia Pet Tracker

  • Tracker for dogs and cats, lightweight, waterproof and with activity tracking. It is suitable for small breed dogs and cats.
  • Allows you to locate your dog in Spain, Portugal and other countries  covered by Sigfox Europe  from the 
  • Invoxia GPS application. 
  • You can define virtual fencing zones ( geofencing ). The tracker transmits the dog’s position every 5 to 10 seconds and allows viewing of movement history.
  • The purchase includes a 3-year subscription and a battery that lasts up to 1 month without recharging. Recharging is done via USB. Easy to install. It connects to the mobile phone through the Invoxia GPS application.

The cons

  • The GPS tracking is not super accurate

Garmin Alpha 100 + Collar Tt15

Garmin Alpha 100 + Collar Tt15
Garmin Alpha 100 + Collar Tt15

Buy here: Garmin Alpha 100 + Collar Tt15

  • This device includes handheld devices that can track up to 20 dogs, and a long range distance of 6.5km
  • The GPS tracker is highly sensitive and accurate
  • Virtual boundaries can be set to ensure the dog don’t go too far or danger zones
  • The real-time transmission is very fast, and it also sends messages to your dog
  • TT15 Mini model is suitable for small breeds between 7 and 15 kg.

The cons

  • It has a longer antenna than others, which might be uncomfortable for some dogs
  • The geo-fencing pin cannot be moved once set, can only be reseted
  • The remote tone does not have a volume button and cannot be controlled
  • The battery life is not that great

Muxan GPS Locator


  • GPS locator that allows you to access the location of the dog through the application or the website and control its movement, speed or route history. 
  • It sends messages to the device every 3 seconds to provide a complete path. Provides the location through Google Maps.
  • Allows you to create geofences. It includes an alarm that alerts you when the battery is low.

The cons

  • Battery strength is not that strong, even on standby mode

Tractive GPS

Tractive GPS
Tractive GPS

Buy here: Tractive GPS

  • A waterproof GPS tracking device that easily attaches to any collar or harness.
  • You can create virtual fences (georeferencing) with alerts that will reach your smartphone. Like all other GPS, its accuracy may decrease indoors or near tall buildings or forests. 
  • The battery lasts between 2 and 5 days, depending on the strength and coverage of the signal. Recharges in 2 hours. Your dog’s location is updated every 2-3 seconds. 
  • Requires a Premium subscription plan to be able to locate your dog in more than 150 countries.
  • It is waterproof and offers an unlimited range. The tracker also shows your dog’s location history. Real-time tracking allows you to pinpoint your dog’s location accurately. Requires contracting a service plan. Suitable for iOS or Android.

The cons

  • It requires a strong and stable connection to function properly
  • During cold temperatures, it disconnects easily and takes a while to connect back
  • The Live tracking is not always perfect.
  • Battery doesn’t last long, especially in cold weather

Weenect Dogs 2 GPS

Weenect Dogs 2 GPS
Weenect Dogs 2 GPS

Buy here: Weenect Dogs 2 GPS

  • It fits very well to the pet’s collar and goes practically unnoticed.
  • you have to register the device to activate the SIM card that it incorporates and thus connect to the GSM networks of the telephone operators.
  • Has Andriod and ios apps for the users
  • The GPS signal picks up well and the measurements and records it makes reflect a high degree of precision
  • The most important is the monitoring of the animal in real-time, but it also alerts us if it moves beyond the security zone that we have previously set.
  • It can be submerged to a depth of one meter and comes with a silicone sleeve that makes it easy to put on the necklace.
  • You can activate the microphone and the speaker that the locator incorporates to address the animal or make it vibrate and sound so that it returns to where we are.
  • Despite its tiny size and lightweight, it can dive up to a meter deep. The device offers a highly satisfactory user experience thanks to the results provided by its positioning system. This user experience is transferable to the impressions left by your application.

The cons

  • it stores a location history and reflects your physical activity (for example, the distance you have travelled).
  • improvable battery autonomy.

Kippy Evo GPS collar for dogs

Kippy Evo GPS collar for dogs
Kippy Evo GPS collar for dogs

Buy here: Kippy Evo GPS collar for dogs

  • Available in three colors to choose the version that we like the most (green, brown or pink)
  • It has a good finish, waterproof design and as an extra feature includes an LED flashlight that is activated through an application
  • in the dark it can be of special help to locate our pet; Tractive’s proposal allows you to activate a light function similar to which we also add sound from its app.
  • Like other GPS collars, the Kippy Evo pet tracker requires contracting a service package, there are several options to choose from depending on our budget and contract period to activate the transmission of the data collected by your SIM card
  • It has an app that supports both Android and iOS platforms.
  • It also provides a complete record of its physical activity and advice so that the animal receives the best care.

The cons

  • Some of the data collected in the statistics are sometimes not entirely reliable

PAJ Small Dog GPS

PAJ Small Dog GPS
PAJ Small Dog GPS

Buy here: PAJ Small Dog GPS

  • This complete tracking set comes with a built-in SIM card that can be activated via a monthly subscription. Small and lightweight, this mini GPS device is the size of a matchbox and weighs only 28 grams.
  • The battery lasts about 1-2 days with an active tracking time of about 1 hour/day (in standby mode for up to 3 days). PAJ PET Finder is ideal for small and large breed dogs.
  • It is a robust and resistant model but also very versatile! Thanks to the geo-fence service we will receive a notification as soon as the dog leaves the predefined area allowing you to always have everything under control!
  • It offers accurate real-time tracking and 100 days of tracking memory.

The cons

  • The battery doesn’t last long when you activate the location finder always


  • The GPS is a Global Positioning System that will allow you to know the location of your dog in real-time.
  • Choose robust and secure devices.
  • The battery must have a long life so that you can track the location of your dog for a period that allows you to find it.
  • Many of the quality trackers have a geofencing or georeferencing feature.
  • Geofencing, also known as georeferencing, will allow you to create virtual fences.
  • If your dog approaches these virtual fences, the system will send you a warning.
  • This makes it possible to prevent the dog from approaching dangerous or unsafe places.
  • Microchips do not have GPS, so they cannot be used as tracking devices.
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