How to use the sidebar and its filters at Amazon?

At any given site / view on Amazon you will have a sidebar on the left-hand side on your computer. On mobile it looks a whole lot different, and it’s strongly recommended to browse amazon on your web browser in your mobile, and when you do that with desktop mode on. As that’s really the only option on your phone to take advantage of the easy access to the filters and more that is available to you on Amazon.

All the filters are dynamic so might not be available on all the pages or look the same, but they work the same no matter the view. Below are all parts of the sidebar. We’ll in the below text go through them all what they mean and how you can use them to get better results in your view / search.

How to use the sidebar and its filters at amzon:

  • New Arrivals
  • Departments
  • Featured Brands
  • Price
  • Delivery option & Fulfilled by Amazon
  • Color
  • Avg. Customer Review
  • Seller
  • Availability


New Arrivals

This section is an easy way to navigate to only articles that has been added to Amazon to in the last 30 days or the last 90 days, quite self-explanatory we’d say. Pressing the options will filter articles just as the name suggest, so if you’re looking out for new product within a special range this is a go to filter. The last option is an interesting one though, which is where you have pre-sale items sold by amazon that are coming up within 90 days.



This is a part of the sidebar that always is there and will direct you to the departments structure on amazon. You can easily dive deeper in the department structure tree or step upwards to see a bigger range, using the sidebar for navigation within the department will always reload the site.


Featured Brands

Here you can choose to filter the items by brands which can be very helpful to sort out Amazons listings which sometimes can be huge. Allowing to filter for example RYOBI here will give you only RYOBI range items. Showing for example the whole RYOBI 18V range, this doesn’t affect anything about how amazon works elsewhere or what sellers is shown and so on.



Are you shopping on a budget? Well, here is the filter to use set it to under 200 kr to shop cheap items, are you searching for something special but get results with a lot of items that are cheap? Enter the price range the product you’re looking for belongs to, for example 5,000 kr & above.


Delivery option & Fulfilled by Amazon

These options are probably the most important options to shop smart on amazon, see our post about mistakes while shopping on amazon to read more about why. Ticking the option Free Delivery by Amazon and Fulfilled by Amazon is pretty much the same thing. But there is a slight difference, and we recommend using Fulfilled by Amazon as that will give you the biggest selection. As Free Delivery by Amazon is all items Fulfilled by Amazon, but do not basically include the items that are not delivered for free from Amazon.



Very basic filter, allows you to filter items on color only, this can be quite difficult to use properly as this depends on the item having correct color attributes filled in. We do not recommend using this filter other than in the fashion department.


Avg. Customer Review

Another pretty basic filter, this one is of course dependent on that there are customer reviews for the item. So, any new item or not widely known item might not have any reviews at all or very few that filters them out of your filter. Can be used but needs to be selected smartly. Also do keep in mind that reviews are aggregated per item and do not take seller into consideration, so bad reviews can be rather for bad sellers and the other way around. But if you’re looking at something like a water kettle this can be a great filter to use to limit the number of items in your query.



Great filter to use if you want to be sure to shop from amazon and not from any of its marketplace sellers. You can of course use this filter to sort by a special marketplace seller too if you want to filter out those items for whatever reason.



This option gives you the possibility to show items that are out of stock but still orderable. So, if the delivery time is not of essence for you but rather the price, or the item itself this is the filter to tick!

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