Reolink 12MP CCTV PoE Camera System with 4pcs 12MP H.265 Bullet Cameras Outdoor

7399 SEK instead of 12436 SEK

Capture crystal-clear footage and enhance your security with the Reolink 12MP CCTV PoE Camera System. This cutting-edge system includes 4 high-resolution 12MP H.265 bullet cameras, designed to provide exceptional image quality for outdoor surveillance.

Equipped with advanced person/vehicle identification technology, the cameras can accurately detect and distinguish between individuals and vehicles, ensuring that you receive real-time alerts for any suspicious activity. With this feature, false alarms triggered by animals or other non-relevant objects are greatly minimized, allowing you to focus on genuine threats.

The system also incorporates two-way talk spotlights, allowing you to communicate with visitors or potential intruders directly from your smartphone or computer. This adds an extra layer of security by deterring unwanted individuals and enabling you to take immediate action if needed.

For round-the-clock monitoring, the included 8-channel NVR comes with a spacious 2TB HDD for continuous 24/7 recording. This ensures that no important event goes unnoticed, and you can easily access and review past footage whenever necessary.

Experience peace of mind and maximize your security with the Reolink 12MP CCTV PoE Camera System. Trust in its superior functionality, advanced features, and high-quality performance to protect your home or business effectively.

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