Efficient 10 Gbps USB-C Hub for Enhanced Connectivity: Experience Lightning-Fast Data Transfer and Power Delivery With REXFYDIOUS USB-C Splitter

68 SEK instead of 600 SEK

Upgrade your connectivity game with the REXFYDIOUS 10 Gbps USB-C Hub. This innovative USB-C splitter is designed to optimize your device’s performance by providing lightning-fast data transfer speeds, versatile USB-C ports, and convenient power delivery options.

With its 1-to-4 data sharing feature, this USB-C hub allows you to connect up to four USB-C devices simultaneously. Whether you’re using a MacBook M1/M2, Windows laptop, Android phone, or any other USB-C enabled device, this hub ensures seamless compatibility, thanks to its USB-C to USB-C connectivity.

Experience enhanced productivity and effortless multitasking with the 10 Gbps data transfer speed. Transfer large files, stream high-definition videos, and access external storage devices with ease, all at lightning-fast speeds. Say goodbye to lag and enjoy a smooth and efficient workflow.

Additionally, the REXFYDIOUS USB-C Splitter supports up to 100 W Power Delivery (PD), enabling you to charge your USB-C devices rapidly. No more waiting around for your devices to charge – power up your MacBook, smartphone, or other USB-C devices quickly and efficiently.

The sleek and durable design of this USB-C hub ensures long-lasting performance and easy portability. Its compact size makes it perfect for both home and on-the-go use. Stay connected wherever you are and enjoy the convenience of multiple USB-C ports in a single device.

Upgrade your connectivity options and embrace the future of USB-C technology with the REXFYDIOUS 10 Gbps USB-C Hub. Streamline your workflow, transfer data at incredible speeds, and power up your devices with ease. Experience the next level of connectivity today.

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