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Digital Camera

77 SEK instead of 770 SEK for this digital camera. The digital camera has 30 megapixels and include a 32 GB sd card and two batteries! Perfect as a first camera for your kids, only four pieces left!

*Price last checked 2022-06-25 11:03 CET

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nVidia Shield TV Pro

1892 SEK instead of 2274 SEK (Prisjakt) for this Shield Tv Pro player from nVidia. The nVidia Shield is the best media streamer out there and is now on a sale! Which is pretty unusual for the player to be, it’s not that big of a sale but it still is better than nothing.

*Price last checked 2022-06-25 10:40 CET

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Garmin fenix 6 PRO

3641 SEK instead of 4266 SEK (Pricerunner 4799 SEK) for this fenix 6 PRO training watch from quality makers Garmin. The Garmin fenix 6 PRO training watch comes with full functionality to make the most out of your training with built in GPS and many more features.

*Price last checked 2022-06-25 10:34 CET

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Rower Machine Hammer 4536

2852 SEK instead of 4860 SEK (Pricerunner) for this 4536 rowing machine from Hammer. The Hammer 4536 rowing machine is a sturdy piece of training machine with proper joints and rows, so you really feel that you are rowing.

*Price last checked 2022-06-25 10:29 CET

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447 SEK instead of 720 SEK (Pricerunner 959 SEK) for this special pot from Zwilling. Perfect to use with asparagous or pasta as the pot is super high but not so wide.

*Price last checked 2022-06-25 10:24 CET

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Lenovo Stylus Pen

279 SEK instead of 400 SEK for this GX81B10212 stylus pen from Lenovo. The Lenovo GX81B10212 is a stylus pen in style and works with all Chrome OS (USI Proctol) computers / tablets. The pressure points is up to 4096 levels of sensitivity.

*Price last checked 2022-06-25 10:20 CET

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14 SEK instead of 140 SEK for these leggings. Available in super many colours and all sizes for the good price!

*Price last checked 2022-06-25 09:21 CET

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Angle Grinder

719 SEK instead of 1199 SEK (Pricerunner) for this GWS 9-115 S angle grinder from bosch. The Bosch GWS 9-115 S  angle grinder is a quality tool for anyone looking to do a professional job.

*Price last checked 2022-06-24 08:15 CET

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Portable Air Conditioner

5253 SEK instead of 8110 SEK for this portable air conditioner AC2401 from EUROM. The EUROM AC2401 is the perfect air conditioner for anyone not staying in one place during the summer and want to take your air conditioner with you no matter where you go.

*Price last checked 2022-06-24 08:09 CET

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Paper Bags with Bronze details

26 SEK instead of 160 SEK for this pack of paper bags with bronze details from YLX. The YLX paper bags with bronze details comes in a pack of 20 pieces and is super sturdy. Comes with a lot of reviews and they all are really good too!

*Price last checked 2022-06-23 07:52 CET

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Error Price Store, Mixed

15-20 (30) SEK instead of 50+ SEK for these items from the YLX store. The items is a big mix of sortiment, from hamster toys to fishing gear and a few items in between. There are as of posting this 5 items that clearly wrongly priced, and 1 item that is maybe wrong but decently cheap atleast.

*Price last checked 2022-06-23 09:26 CET

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Filter baskets x 4 pcs

13 SEK instead of 130 SEK for this set of 4 filter baskets. The filter baskets can be used with your sink and is a multipurpose tool that you can use to wash off anything with. Or maybe store your sponge that you clean your dishes with.

*Price last checked 2022-06-23 06:59 CET

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Black Shark Wireless Headphones

280 SEK instead of 600 SEK for these headphones from Black Shark. The Black Shark Wireless Headphones comes with bluetooth 5.2 functionality and has 35 hours of playtime 4 micropones and is IPX4 classed (waterproof).

*Price last checked 2022-06-23 06:47 CET

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Marble Tray with Divider

82 SEK instead of 238 SEK for this marble tray with divider from Emibele. The emibele marble tray with divider is a nice looking tray with a marble finish and a divider to make the tray yours and perfect for your use.

*Price last checked 2022-06-23 06:39 CET

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Fendt Tractor Dickie Toys 193367

67 SEK instead of 171 SEK for this 193367 Fendt Tractor from Dickie Toys. The Dickie Toys 193367 Fendt Tractor is a lovley replica made fun of the real world fendt tractors. The toy tractor is 25 centimeters big and is recommended age is from 1 year.

*Price last checked 2022-06-23 06:36 CET

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Apple iPod Touch (gen 7) 256 GB

3494 SEK instead of 5300 SEK (Prisjakt) for the iPod Touch Gen 7 256 GB from Apple. The Apple iPod Touch Gen 7 256 GB is almost like a iphone but with no cellular service. With the biggest storage option for a superb price. And also the classical silver colour, the other colour options are more pricey (5000+ SEK). Only 6 pieces left!

*Price last checked 2022-06-23 06:26 CET

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Coffee Presser

43 SEK instead of 150 SEK for this coffee presser from satoshi. The satoshi coffee presser is 800 ml big and can be heated up to 200 degrees celcius.

*Price last checked 2022-06-23 06:21 CET

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Laugh and Learn Puppys Remote Fisher Price

71 SEK instead of 132 SEK for this Laugh and Learn Puppys Remote from Fisher Price. The Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Puppys Remote is a fun and educating toy for your toddler in the form of a remote. The remote makes many different sounds and blinks as the buttons are pressed down.

*Price last checked 2022-06-23 06:17 CET

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Denman D90L Tamer Brush

23 SEK instead of 230 SEK for this added D90L brush from denman to their store! The Denman D90L tamer brush is a ideal brush to use both for wet and dry hair and tangles hair easily. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the range of Denman brushes if you haven’t done so already.

*Price last checked 2022-06-22 07:22 CET

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Silent Mini Mouse

48 SEK instead of 130 SEK for this silent mini mouse. The silent mini mouse comes in a nice blue colour, small receiver and changeable dpi settings for no cost at all. The mouse is also very popular and has really nice reviews too.

*Price last checked 2022-06-23 06:54 CET

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Speakers ELAC Debut B5.2

1622 SEK instead of 2490 SEK for the Debut B5.2 speakers from ELAC. The ELAC Debut B5.2 speakers are a nice sounding pair of speakers from quality makers ELAC. They go really well together with the Elac Uni-Fi 2 UC52 for example if you want to build a home cinema system.

*Price last checked 2022-06-23 06:40 CET

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Shoescraper relaxdays

145 SEK instead of 299 SEK for this shoescraper from relaxdays. The relaxdays shoescraper is lovely designed in wood and metal details. The shoescraper is very sturdy and stays in place (screw it down) as you clean your shoes.

*Price last checked 2022-06-23 07:10 CET

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