Combination Lock for Travel Use

14 SEK instead of 64 SEK

The Brillirare 2-pack combination lock features a 4-digit design with a 5.9 cm shackle. Made of waterproof zinc alloy, it is ideal for securing backpacks, gym lockers, gates, and more in black and silver.

The Brillirare combination lock set includes two sturdy locks suitable for outdoor use, crafted from durable zinc alloy for long-lasting performance. With a 4-digit code system and a 5.9 cm long shackle, it provides reliable security for various items like backpacks, gym lockers, toolboxes, gates, and fences.

These combination locks are designed for travel and outdoor usage, featuring a waterproof construction that ensures your belongings stay secure in any weather condition. The 4-digit mechanism offers convenient access while maintaining high security levels, making them suitable for backpacks, luggage, gym lockers, toolboxes, and more.

Thanks to its reliable 4-digit combination system and sturdy zinc alloy build, the Brillirare 2-pack combination locks are versatile and ideal for securing a variety of items during travel or outdoor activities. The locks come in black and silver colors, blending well with different bags, lockers, toolboxes, gates, and fences.

Overall, the Brillirare 2-pack combination locks are practical and durable security solutions for travel and outdoor use. Their waterproof design, 4-digit system, and sturdy construction make them suitable for safeguarding backpacks, gym lockers, toolboxes, gates, and fences in black and silver colors.

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