Bino Tea Set for Children: Igniting Creative Expression and Social Skills

64 SEK instead of 367 SEK

Bino presents an enchanting and vibrant 14-Piece Tea Set for Children, designed to captivate young minds and nurture their developmental growth. Crafted from durable and easy-to-clean porcelain materials, this tea set guarantees hours of imaginative play that promotes creativity, social skills, and countless precious memories.

With its multicolored and eye-catching design, the Bino Tea Set for Children engages children as young as 12 months, encouraging their innate curiosity and fostering their cognitive abilities. This tea set provides a safe and engaging platform for kids to role-play, enhancing their verbal and non-verbal communication skills as they host imaginary tea parties.

The sturdy construction ensures endless fun without the worry of breakage, allowing children to explore their creativity freely. Understanding the importance of easy maintenance, Bino has ensured that this tea set can be effortlessly cleaned, saving parents valuable time and energy.

With compact dimensions of 17 × 10 cm, this tea set is the perfect size for little hands, stimulating fine motor skills as children grasp and pour tea into the dainty cups. The bright colors and intricate details of the tea set also aid in sensory development, providing a visually stimulating experience.

Indulge your child’s imagination and watch their social and cognitive abilities flourish with the Bino Tea Set for Children. Unleash their inner host or hostess as they embark on countless imaginary tea parties, inviting their favorite dolls and teddy bears to indulge in delightful tea-time adventures.

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